Guest Review! Firespiral Slings Obsidian CMYK Charters Moss

The lovely Christina has been testing out the soon to be released Obsidian CMYK Charters Moss from Firespiral Slings. This is what she thought!..

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying use of Firespiral’s yet to be released Obsidian CMYK Charters Moss. It’s been great to host it, I’ve been keen to try more viscose blends given how good all the others have been and CMYK doesn’t disappoint. It’s 87% cotton 3% linen and 10% viscose which is the same blend as elysian cirrus seafoam. The gsm is the same too at around 240. It feels quite different to elysian though, somehow having a bit more texture and grip to it that I’m guessing comes from the different pattern. The charters moss design depicts the northern lights and has become a favourite of mine, I love the design of the opposing rails, one side spelling twinkle twinkle little star in Anglo Saxon runes, the other a pretty repeating pattern. Both look lovely when well placed wrapping!

The wrap has the soft and floppy feel to it that firespiral are known for and is quite thin in hand. What really makes it stand out though are the colours. Obsidian isn’t usually favourite warp but alongside the CMYK it really works well and has a definite sparkle to it, particularly in the sunshine and very apt for the northern lights theme. I’ve used this wrap a lot while it’s been here and have to say it’s incredibly versatile, I’ve mostly used it to tandem wrap my baby twins, they’re about 10lb each and I’ve found it supports well with both on the front or a front/back tandem. For both on the front I usually like something thicker with more cush to prevent digging in my neck, but CMYK wraps so easily that I can do a much better job which also prevents any digging. For a front back tandem i like something thinner and mouldable to help me get a decent position for a small baby on my back, again this wrap does a great job. Wrapping a single baby was just as easy and pretty weightless, especially after two!

Then, when out at a busy event, the twins fell asleep in their pram (what?!) and my almost 3year old toddler wanted to ‘go in the wrapper’. So up he went in a double hammock, and was carried for an hour with no discomfort on my part and he almost fell asleep so must have enjoyed it too! All in all this wrap is a great option for a wide variety of wrappers. It’s soft and thin enough for young babies and novice wrappers, while being supportive and strong enough for toddlers or even pre-schoolers, though I’d go for a longer size and multilayer carry for them. The colours will match most things if you like to co-ordinate (wish I did this more!) and like most firespiral wraps it’s easy care. It feels like it will stand up to plenty of use and although alchemy weave and quite new I didn’t find it that pull prone. Great job once again Tamsin and Jen!


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