Guest review! Ethos Freakin Pink Cascade

The lovely Miranda is our guest reviewer and has reviewed Ethos Freakin Pink Cascade, an interesting ‘breathe blend’ that was released last summer…


Ethos Freakin Pink Cascade breathe blend with microvents is a unique wrapping experience. Slingofest clocks it in at only 215 GSM. I measured and weighed it myself at 231 GSM. It is a cotton weft and polyester warp from my understanding. I didn’t look up the stats before I had it in hand and I’d have put it at the 240-250 gsm mark based on how it feels in hand. It is densely woven but the microvents really do keep it from being a hotbox. The holes make way more difference than I thought they would. The wrap has just a small amount of diagonal stretch but not enough to make it sag- just enough to work with. It handled my 36 lb toddler with ease in a triple layered BWCC. It isn’t the epitome of a squish wrap but it’s not challenging at all with my 2 month old. It’s super sturdy and would make an excellent beater. It’s easy care too. It’s neither grippy nor slippery and gets a bit of texture from the large pattern but not from the fibers themselves. It is just a pretty good all-arounder. I typically prefer wraps with a looser weave and more cush but this wrap doesn’t disappoint or excell on any points. It’s just a solid all around wrap but gets bonus points for breathing as described. It would be a great choice for a beginner for ease of use as well as being budget friendly. I’m particularly surprised that I think it would make a really good shorty. I could easily shepherd’s my toddler in it in a 3. It would also make a nice RS. So, while it’s not to my typical taste in weave & I so don’t do pink, this wrap has a lot of merit. It would be a excellent choice for a lending library wrap too.


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