Review : Firespiral Slings Charters Moss Double Weft Prototype

I have recently had the pleasure of hosting one of the new double weft wraps from Firespiral Slings. Featuring the relatively new Charters Moss design this wrap has been woven with a ‘double weft’ – it is almost like two wraps combined as it has two sets of weft threads. The double weft /warp idea is quite the ‘in thing’ lately – the Hygge wraps from Ali Dover have been hugely popular – but it’s not actually a new one and can be found in use by a few companies without many people having realised.

The thing I love the most about double weft wraps is the contrast between the two sides. You can see it clearly with this wrap – the gorgeous, bright, teal tinted blue on one side and the gleaming, crisp white on the other. The weft ensures that both sides stand out and you totally get a ‘two looks in one’ wrap. However what you don’t get, thankfully, is a double thickness wrap. This 100% cotton wrap is a medium thickness, slightly heavier than regular Fispi cotton wraps but in no way thick. It’s also superbly supple and soft. I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely drape of the fabric and softness in hand. Definitely newborn suitable (which is handy when you have a 3 week old around!).

The obvious test would be with my nearly three year old. At around 16kg carrying him is no mean feat, and in multilayers (this wrap is base-1) this wrap felt great. It has a lovely texture to it which makes it grippy but not overly so – passes are still easy to pull round and tighten. The medium weight means this wrap has a lovely amount of cush and support in it without the weight of a thicker wrap. I found it very comfortable on the shoulders.

While this particular design is not my favourite from Firespiral, no one can deny the beauty of the colours in this wrap. When you add in the great wrapping qualities I would most certainly say this is a wrap that would suit most people, whether you prefer thicker or thinner wraps, whatever age child you are carrying. I’m sad to see this move on, and look forward to seeing more double weave creations from Firespiral in the future.



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