Review – Isara toddler carrier

I will easily admit that at heart I am a wrapper. Full buckle carriers have never had the same pull for me, though I’ve never put my finger on quite why. However I was an avid Connecta user when my boys were younger – it is a super easy carrier to use and my husband particularly liked it. I have tried other full buckle carriers such as the Tula and Rose and Rebellion too, but never found anything that I can say was perfectly comfortable and could tempt me away from my woven wraps.

With my ever-weighty toddler I am always on the lookout for ways to carry him that are comfortable for us both. When I saw that Isara were on the hunt for brand ambassadors I jumped at the chance to try something new. I had never experienced or heard much about Isara before, but their carriers looked well-structured and versatile so I was keen to give it a go. Isara are based in Romania and their carriers are made in Europe. Most of their carriers are made with organic, GOTS certified fabric and all comply with USA and European safety standards. I love the fact that you can get toy versions of the carriers too!

Isara sent me a toddler sized full buckle carrier in the ‘Joy’ colourway. It arrived in a simple but effective box (see me opening it on my YouTube channel!) and was easy to use from the word go. It has a structured waist band and fully padded straps, with a sturdy but flexible canvas panel. The straps are not fixed so you have free choice of whether to cross them or not, a fact I really like as I always prefer crossed straps in front carries for the support. The chest clip is sturdily attached but can also be removed if required, as well as adjusted height-wise. The hood is detachable and connected to the main body with poppers. However the main feature of this carrier that makes it stand out is its adjustability. The height of the main panel can be adjusted to suit by pulling the straps at the top of the panel, making it fabulous for my toddler that wants his arms out and my four year old who wants them in to snuggle. Even better is the width adjustment. The waistband has two long Velcro panels inside which allow you to cinch in the panel width to an amazing degree very easily. This means I can make the carrier the perfect size for both of my children without any fuss, and I even carried my friend’s petite one year old in it with ease. I would honestly say that this makes the toddlers Isara carrier suitable from 12 months if not before, and means I can still carry my 4 year old with ease.

Other pros of this carrier for me included the support and padding. Personally I have found that the not-so-padded carriers (e.g. Connecta) do not give enough support once the baby turns into a toddler, but the heavily padded ones (e.g. Tula) are the other extreme and make me feel like the Michelin man (lol). The Isara seems to fit me much better, and gives the perfect shoulder padding and waist support for me. This seems to be a common opinion amongst my friends who have also tried it. I also like the support and leg padding that it has for my passenger, as the canvas is nicely strong and the leg padding stops any digging.

So what do I not like? Not much to be honest. As I’ve said before, it’s still not the same as wrapping, but no buckle carrier could be. I would say my main issue is that, while this is a fabulous carrier for older babies and toddlers, I would prefer something softer for newborns and small babies – it is made of canvas after all. That is pretty much the only thing I can fault though, I genuinely really like this carrier and would (have in fact) recommend it to anyone looking for a full buckle. It has a great balance of support and comfort, and the adjustability is just wow. I will not be surprised if these carriers spread like wildfire!

You can find Isara on facebook, Instagram and all the normal places, as well as at


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