Review: Opitai Baby Lovat Ferns

I’ve had the privilege of hosting one of Opitai’s new woven wraps recently, and it’s been a pleasure. Opitai Baby has become well known in the babywearing world for beautiful and professional conversion work, and is now branching into creating their own woven wraps. The ethics alone behind these wraps are just my thing – locally woven, sourced and even modelled by locals, home designed and home sewn! They are using the same high quality materials as the ‘high end’ brands while maintaining an affordable and high quality product. Sounds like perfection. So how does the product stand up in reality?

Lovat ferns is an elegant, natural design that integrates a cream warp with a double coloured green weft. At approximately 260gsm it’s a lovely medium weight wrap that is remarkably soft and cushy (in case you didn’t know by now, medium weight wraps with cush are my idea of heaven!). The leafy design is quite busy but somehow totally easy on the eye, and when wrapping it gives it a gorgeous grip. It has a lovely stretch and bounce to it, it’s very supple, and the brilliant part is that it is cotton so totally machine washable easycare goodness.

With both my toddler and preschooler I used Lovat ferns in a variety of carries, and it was really lovely and easy to use. The grip didn’t hinder making passes at all, and it was just so comfortable on the shoulders even with the 4 year old. I found that the high level of stretch and bounce in the wrap meant I needed to get the carries high and tight, as my heavy boys threatened to create slack and drop the carry, but this was not an issue at all as it was just so easy to get tight! I wouldn’t hesitate to use this with a newborn either, it’s beautifully soft.

I would both fully recommend this wrap and keeping an eye on Opitai woven releases in the future, I most certainly will. Lovat ferns retails at £138 for a size 6 and will be released in the very near future – it’s limited and will be available in wraps, scarfs, ring slings and wrap conversions, so there’s something for everyone! You can find Opitai at


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