Review – Little Fellows Jolly Good Rainbow Mizzle

There’s something about a rainbow. Rainbow wraps really seem to grab people, there’s something about the colours that it’s hard not to love. This particular rainbow was of excitement to me because it was one of the first machine woven releases from Little Fellows. While Little Fellows is known for weaving totally gorgeous hand woven wraps, they have recently launched a plain weave machine woven line named ‘Jolly Good’.

Jolly Good, Rainbow Mizzle is 100% cotton and woven on an ecru warp with a rainbow weft gradation (as in the stripes are widthways rather than lengthways, which is quite an unusual look for a rainbow wrap). The ecru warp means the rainbow colours are lightened considerably, and there’s almost a checkered effect on close inspection. It is definitely a subtle beauty.

The most important part, of course, is how it wraps. Logically, as a machine woven, it must be totally different than it’s hand woven siblings, right? Um, wrong. Of course, it is different, but it’s nothing like other machine woven wraps I’ve used either. It obviously can’t quite have that unique and versatile hand woven feel, but it really does have similarities (and without the price tag too). It has a lovely grippy cush to it that really does remind me of a hand woven – it is a medium weight wrap and feels like it would be awesome in all-seasons. I found it ridiculousy easy to wrap with – getting passes round and tight was a total dream (in fact it was so tight at one point i was wondering if i should loosen it. This has never happened to me before!). My heavy two year old was going no where in any wrap job with this wrap, and it was completely comfy on my shoulders for a decent length of time. It was also ridiculously soft out of the bag and bloomed beautifully on it’s initial wash and tumble (yes, I said tumble, good old easycare cotton 😉 ).

I would thoroughly recommend the new Jolly Good range to anyone – soft, perfect grip and cush, easycare. Plus you get to be a part of the ‘Quintessentially English’ Little Fellows family – I love the ethos and personal touch of this company, and Lisa is totally lovely to chat to as well. I sadly didn’t fall in love with the paleness of the colours in Mizzle, but as a lover of bright and bold colour this doesn’t surprise me. I can’t wait to see what other colourways are coming!


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