Firespiral 925 Twilight Starmap Review

I think I actually squealed out loud when I found out that I was going to get a tester of the new starmap from Firespiral Slings. I say new, but it’s more like a re-run, at least in looks. The timeless beauty that is the linen blend twilight starmap has been reborn in the form of 925, and it really is stunning. Deep blue cotton blends with silvery grey linen and takes me right back t0 the original beauty that was Silver starmap.

Yet in reality this is not a re-run at all. The similarities of looks and blend most definitely do not extend to feel and wrap qualities. 925 is a heavier weight wrap, weighing in around 320gsm. I was actually really surprised at this, as while its certainly not light, it doesn’t feel thick and beastly in the slightest. It has a lovely thickness and drape to it that really makes it ideal as a toddler wrap – both my toddler and preschooler were really snug in this beauty. It is also very textured compared to the older linen starmaps. This thing is grippy, and it means the passes are rock solid once you wriggle them in place. This texture is down to the new ‘cottonised’ linen used. This new linen type breaks in much more quickly and is very supple from the outset. Also, bonus that it’s an easycare blend, so you have yourself the perfect toddler workhorse here.

The only downside to this new linen is the initial creasing. The Firespiral ladies prewarned me, thank goodness, but when 925 first came out of the washer I was shocked at just how creased it was. It’s width had ‘shrunk’ around 10cm simply due to creasing, and wow it was a workout to iron. In fact, bonus, I definitely burned calories ironing it! There was definite improvement in the level of this creasing on subsequent washes, it doesn’t need half the work now that it did following that first post-loom-state wash (but I wouldn’t recommend this wrap if you don’t own an iron). The creasing tendency and weight of this wrap also leads it to wrap slightly short, so I would size up with this one.

Half ironed 1
Half ironed (not ironed half on top, ironed half underneath!)

Verdict? Toddler-worthy, cushy, gorgeous. Worth it. I’m never going to hate a wrap that gives me beauty, softness and lengthy toddler-carries in comfort!


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