Review – Little Fellows Lot7

My babywearing journey until recently almost entirely involved machine woven wraps. I’d not come across handwoven wraps really, mostly due to the prices and partly due to the hype surrounding machine woven wrap companies. I’d had the occasional Girasol come through (and like many was pleasantly surprised to find they are ethically handwoven) and I’d fondled a couple of friends’ Bebe Sachis, but having the chance to try a Little Fellows was very exciting for me! The lovely Lisa sent me a tester for her Light of the Seven range, all cotton, in a beautiful purple. It’s very different, and very beautiful.

The thing that stood out for me the most was the feel. This wrap is really textured and grippy, it doesn’t have the smoothness of machine wovens. There was just something about it that made me really believe it was woven by hand – someone had put the time and effort into making this beauty. It was supple too, no stiffness. Wrapping with it was really interesting, and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all. The texture made it very grippy, it was not easy to wrap with at first as I had to get used to getting the passes over each other and tight. I quickly got used to this though, and fully appreciated the benefits of this texture. This wrap stays put. Once it’s wrapped, it doesn’t budge and your wrap job is solid. I found this to be true with both my 20 month old and 3.5 year old in a variety of back carries (and a good old kangaroo at nap time). On top of this, it was really comfy. It wasn’t a thick wrap, I’d say medium-thin, but had a nice amount of cush to it as well as the support. 

I totally get what people mean when they say handwoven wraps are amazing. They really are a different creature than machine woven wraps, in both feel and wrapping qualities. On top of this, when you consider the time, effort and raw materials that go into each handwoven it makes the cost seem totally reasonable. The Lot7 range is gorgeous and comes in a variety of colourways, and the other wraps Little Fellows are weaving are simply stunning. Get over there to have a nosey! ( / )


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