Review – Sling Studio Falling Feathers Juniper

This was one of ‘those’ wraps for me. I saw it, I had to have it. Perfect colours for us, and the silk content promised a lovely, supportive blend. I managed to nab a shorty direct from Sling Studio HQ, and I was very excited when it arrived (with a little personalised sticker too!). Straight from the box it was beautiful, soft and supple, with that gorgeous colour and very slight silk texture. I was immediately impressed.

Falling Feathers Juniper is one of Sling Studio’s famous feather designs – beautiful in its simplicity, yet intricately designed when looking closer. Woven with 25% Italian bourette silk and 75% cotton, it was soft and cushy straight from the box, and the silk gave it a lovely feel in hand. This silk texture also gave this wrap a lovely amount of grip – passes slid nicely into place and stayed there. At around 230gsm, it felt like a nicely balanced medium weight wrap, which I found it easy to tighten and knot – it made a fabulous shorty and was comfortable in both front and back carries with my heavy boys. The need to handwash, due to the silk, was a bit of a pain compared to my bung-it-in-the-wash wraps, but if I’m honest the cush and support of this wrap made it totally worth it (not that I wash my wraps that often anyway!).

A British company, Sling Studio are certainly making some gorgeous wraps. I would definitely consider them to be a high-end brand, but it is worth noting that part of the cost of every wrap they sell goes to the Tommy’s charity ( I would definitely recommend this wrap to anyone, it’s both squish-worthy and pre-schooler strong, and I can’t wait to try more Sling Studio wraps in the future.


3 thoughts on “Review – Sling Studio Falling Feathers Juniper

  1. I would love to know more about how wraps compare to each other. With this one I’d love to know how it compares to other Sling Studio blends or silk blends from other brands e.g. A Woven Wings Impressionist Geo as they have a similar weight and bourette percentage.

    It certainly sounds like a lovely wrap 🙂


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