Review – Bijou Wear Cleo Vineyard

I’m getting very lucky of late, having a chance to try out all of these different brands! I got to test out a lovely Bijou Wear woven wrap just before Christmas and it was a brand I hadn’t come across before in my churning. As a travelling tester, this wrap had been used a decent amount already, and what immediately struck me was just how soft it was. Really silky soft. It glided out of the packaging and just felt supple and gorgeous. Now not only was this my first Bijou Wear experience, it was also the first time I had come across the blend. Cleo Vineyard is 55% Cotton and 45% TENCEL®, a fibre made from sustainably harvested trees, and something I’m hearing more and more about in the wrap world.

Vineyard was the first of Bijou Wear’s geofloral Cleo pattern, and features a burgundy red weft across an undyed cotton warp. The pattern was modelled after lilies, and while it isn’t particularly my style, the colour was rich and beautiful. As well as the suppleness of the wrap, I was also surprised by its general feel. Reported at around 300gsm, I expected a reasonably thick wrap, but this definitely felt medium-thin. It also wrapped really easily – in both front and back carries (multilayer, this was a long wrap) the passes glided easily over each other. This would be a great starter wrap as its silky feel helped carries fall easily into place. My main issue is that I like more grip in a wrap. With my heavy toddler and my preschooler I found that my carries slipped easily and needed tightening often, so I didn’t reach for it as much as I had hoped. I’m not sure if it’s the TENCEL content or this design in particular, but it needed a little more grip for my tastes. A great wrap for babies though.

If you’re in the market for softness, suppleness and beautiful colours, definitely look at Bijou Wear. I would love to try more TENCEL blends to compare to this. This wrap would be a perfect for newborns up to bigger babies, and you have the added benefit of knowing it’s woven with environmentally friendly materials!


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