Review! Nona Woven Wraps: Imagine Blue Ice

Nona Woven Wraps is a new Dutch company that was founded last year by two babywearing mums. ‘Nona’, meaning ‘ninth’, is a goddess of life and pregnancy, so a pretty fitting name for a babywearing company. They are focused on creating beautiful but affordable woven wraps, and I had the privilege of hosting the travelling tester.

Imagine Blue Ice is really stunning, both in design and colour. The blue is bold and beautiful, and the colours interplay differently on each side to the point that I had a hard time choosing which side to show off! The pattern certainly flows and does remind me of water; it’s really simple but beautiful. Blue Ice is a medium weight wrap (around 246gsm) with a tight weave, and certainly gave a nice amount of support when carrying both my toddler and preschooler. I used it for single layer front carries for nap time and the strength of the weave certainly held up for the short time it took for him to drift off. Mostly I used it for multi-layer back carries and it was perfect for that – really grippy and didn’t budge once in place. For an all cotton wrap it was rather rough to the touch, I’m not sure how much use it had had before it reached us but it certainly needed more breaking in before being squish-worthy. My little ones had no issue with it though, and the roughness creates grip and therefore means a wrap job doesn’t budge (though getting that second double hammock pass round needed elbow work!)

Overall I really liked this wrap. While the roughness put me off slightly, the support and look of it were definitely a hit here (I often find the more affordable brands are plain or stripey, whereas this is stunning and reminds me of high end brands). I would be really interested to feel this wrap again after it was broken in, and it is definitely on my recommended list if you are interested in trying a new brand! I’m looking forward to seeing what Nona will weave in the future 🙂


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